Saturday, July 16, 2005

All hail the great white water chair!

Well, it's official. Yesterday was the last day of daytime toilet training for Tall Girl. We started last Thursday.

Yay! I'm so proud of her! She's actually doing better than her brother was at this point. Boy was more reluctant to use the big toilet and used the small pot for a few weeks. Not Tall Girl. Forget that! Yesterday was her third day being dry all day (and using the toilet unassisted) and I moved her into the room with Boy over nap-time. She got up and went to the bathroom like a champ.

Now we just have to resolve the problem of her putting her underpants back on, lol. Bless her heart she struggles mightily to get them back on but they end up twisted up or inside out. I'm not terribly worried about it.

Now we have to tackle nightime training. (and a hush fell over the crowd!) I'll keep you updated.


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posted by MrsEvilGenius @ 7:20 am   2 comments


At 9:09 am, Blogger Anna said...

Took me a while to get around to it, but CONGRATULATIONS on baby Banner! He's adorable, and the spitting image of his dad, from what I can tell from the photos.

Thanks for the comments in my blog... Then again, you have the most gorgeous kids I've ever seen, and also, never underestimate the slimming effect of careful positioning, and taking approximately 50+ photos with the digital camera before selecting the one that makes me look better! ;) Hey, I'm vain. Huge, but vain (not really.)

PS: Way to go Tall Girl!

At 1:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The night-time diapers in our house seemed to go on for eternity. I always tried to get the supper dishes washed, dried, and put away before I started on the night-time diapering routine. When all went well, the baby and the two older kids would be comfortably "pinned up" in great big bulky night-time double diapers and rubber pants by 7:00 p.m. I still remember the sound those rubber pants made. Three babies bottoms all diapered in pull-on rubber pants, rustling and crinkling loudly, as the kids waddled and toddled single file out of the bathroom or baby room after change time. Yuppers, diapers are a mothers best friend when our kids are babies, but when it comes time to bring a close to those good-old diapering days, it's funny how we moms "cannot" get rid of those old worn out, and stained diapers and what's left of them, rubber pants fast enough. I actually remember the kitchen garbage pail stuffed to the brim one early morning with what seemed to be mounds of old worn out rubber pants that had long seen better days, once the days of diapers came to an end in our household.


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