Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Caution: Pathetic whine follows - stand clear

Ya know, it's a shame that second guessing yourself doesn't burn calories. I'd be scrawny as hell and there would be some other pretty svelte moms out there. As a matter of fact rather than 'motherhood', they should just call it 'guilthood' : the great period of uncertainty.

Tall Girl had an 'oops' day before yesterday and I've been backpedalling ever since. What did I do wrong? She was doing so well. Then she turned around and was fine yesterday. Totally dry all day including a lengthy trip out (in underpants) with several stops to run errands.

I'm confused.

Then there's Long Tall Drink o' Water Son who's decided to stop sleeping 6 hours at a pop and instead wake up every two hours. Then when I try to latch him on the breast he fiddles about and hems and haws for 10 minutes before suddenly deciding to eat.


And while I'm bitching and complaining ... I'm also feeling guilty about Boy. I feel like he's not getting enough attention (from me) right now. Normally everyone gets plenty of 'together' time plus individual alone time with me every day. But with feeding LTD o'WS more often plus helping Tall Girl with the toilet training, I feel like Boy is getting slighted. I think he's feeling particularly resentful of Tall getting so much attention (for example, he's been announcing when he goes to the toilet).

Top this misery sundae with the facts that my minivan (not the new Dodge!) has officially lost it's AC (and it will take $900 to fix) and I can't seem to lose any of this (insert inappropriate epithet here) weight and you have one depressed person.

I sincerely hope y'all's day is going better than mine! Now if you'll excuse me I have to spend another day filled with morose cleaning interspersed with periods of moody brooding.

(remember that bit in Monty Python and the Holy Grail? "And there was much rejoicing")


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At 5:31 am, Blogger aka_Meritt said...

All Moms are allowed to whine and vent to other Moms. It's the only 'payment' we get for our jobs. ;)

Keep up on the TT. Don't give in and slide back... they all have a little setback just keep it positive, do your happy, clapping sing songy dances when they 'do it' and it will be a memory SOON.


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