Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I have become convinced that pregnant women should NOT be allowed on bulletin boards.

Too many hormones! Women are so snarky as it is, but pumped with pregnancy hormones? Forget it.

People are arguing on ever bulletin board that I'm on, I think*. (I'm not counting my Comic Book boards. People argue on there every day. Comic Book board regulars are an even triumverate of cool and interesting people, clueless under 25-year-olds who think they know everything and think what they have to say is the most interesting crap on the internet, and complete effin' morons who only shut their mouths to chew.)

Erm ... where was I? Oh, hormones!

So I just had to say it. I'm so sick of the sniping and 'hurt feelings' and not-enough-people-responded-to-my-thread, and I-never-said-that-even-though-you-can-quote-it-from-my-last-post, and the *sob* that's-it-I'm-leaving-don't-try-to-stop-me histrionics. They can all bite me.



On a brighter note, I had an appointment in Newberry today and got to take The Brood to 'our' park. It was blissfully (and typically) deserted, so I unleashed the hoard and made myself comfy in the shade.

I sat on a nearby bench, cellphone in hand under the gently swaying sycamore leaves, coolly multi-tasking (ME! Multitasking!) by apprising my insurance company rep of my pregnancy. I had just gotten done with her and had rung Dad when a high-end coupe pulled up. I glanced over my shoulder in time to see an adorable 18 month old named Ian (I found all that out later of course) and his rather closely hovering parents.

When they reached the play area and set Ian down, my Brood began closing in like cute pink sharks.

Ian -- as soon as his Stride Rites hit the sawdust -- toddled a beeline for the Incredible Bulk who rose, like a curious grizzly, awkwardly to his feet.

They eyeballed each other from a distance of inches: two sturdy, towheaded, blue-eyed little boys in stand-off.

Bulk stood maybe a half inch taller than Ian and outweighed him by five pounds but otherwise they could have been brothers. They scrutinized each other carefully while Ian's parents hovered overhead. (Was I that overprotective of Boy?)

After a moment, when it became apparent that Ian wasn't going to do anything spectacular Bulk grunted, sat down with a thud, spun, and crawled rapidly off to eat some dirt.

The rest of the pack then closed in.

My older three were fascinated with Ian. Here was a slightly smaller but four-month older (and thus walking v. well) version of their baby brother. They were charmed.

I was terrified. I mean the four of mine spend all day running, chasing, squealing, laughing, grabbing, wrestling, and yelling with each other. I was gripped with fear that they were going to fall on Ian - who wasn't used to being part of The Collective and who clearly had a teensy bit overprotective parents. (One of them accompanied him all over the elevated play area, walking inches behind, hands held behind him at the ready, and the other hovered anxiously around underneath as if the wee thing might phase through the 3 inch wide gaps in the slats and fall.)

It turned out alright in the end. I came over several times and made sure mine were being polite and aside from Bitty Girl, who tailed Ian everywhere, everything was fine.

In fact, the mom, who is due again in December (and looked fabulous, darn her to heck) said several times: "Your children are SO well behaved!"

I was pretty chuffed at that and hope we get to see them and Ian in future. Maybe when Bulk gets to walking well, he could show Ian how to sit on one's sibling's head.

Hey, that's a valuable skill!

*Except my June Fertility Friend Escapees board. I don't think anyone fights there, we all went through the horror that is Fertility Friend (Mod bitches as little despots! Money over community!)

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At 9:29 pm, Anonymous queenmommy911@yahoo.com said...

Oh, I love it! We took our clan to the zoo today (FREE water sprinklers!!!). I was sitting back just watching the fun and a lady asked if she could sit at the table with me while her baby had his bottle. Turned out she was keeping the hawk's eye on her other son, who soon ran into my 18 mo, knocking him down. She let out a horror movie sound and went running. DH promptly informed her that, as the youngest of 5, he can take much harder hits and not blink about it. She did not want to relax about it, saying this is only her second (well, duh...), but she moved on to socialize with another mom of two. Minutes later she let out another horror movie sound when our 5 yo was running too fast and did a nice slide into home just inches shy of knocking her older son down. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in about a year, when her boys start showing their brotherly love. ;-)

At 10:40 pm, Blogger macboudica said...

I remember those hawk eye days, so very very very long ago with my daughter who is now 13. After that, forget it. Kids are way more durable than we give them credit for. My boys all throw each other around like life sized footballs with such vigor that it would certainly cause a stroke for any first-timer, hovering, paranoid parent (and I'm saying that as a reformed hoverer myself). The harder they shove and jostle each other, the happier it make them all (even the shovee. I think (but I'm not sure)bonus points are awarded if one of them is shoved off the couch.


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